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  • Is hiring a designer affordable?
    Yes, hiring a designer is absolutely affordable. Many stores (brick & mortar and online) provide industry professionals with discounts. At Elizabeth & Grace Design we think the utmost of our clients and we love to pass along any discounts that we can. Frequently the savings that are passed along to clients will more than cover designer fees. Furthermore, you are less likely to make a costly design mistake with the knowledge and service of an industry professional.
  • Do you offer Gift Certificates?
    Yes! Elizabeth & Grace Design offers a number of design packages that can be pre-purchased.
  • Do you charge for consultations?
    No. Initial phone or email consultations are provided for free. Sometimes we are unsure of what we require for our space and would like to have the opinion of a professional. Other times, we may be unsure if the scope of the desired job falls within the expertise of the design firm. Please feel free to contact Elizabeth & Grace Design to discuss your needs and our skills.
  • Where do you work? Travel?
    At Elizabeth & Grace Design we are a small design firm that specializes in providing services within Calgary. However, depending on the scope of the work required we would consider jobs outside of Calgary.* * Additional surcharge for out of city limits work.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Email money tranfers are preferred.
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